Branded Real Estate

Real Estate is considered not just as an investment but also a signature statement. It is a perfect platform for extending a brand’s persona beyond its turf. We work with leading brands and offer exclusive tie-up opportunities for branded real estate.

Baseline team has been the pioneers of successfully introducing the concept of Branded Real Estate in South Asia. With a vast domain knowledge and access to Global Lifesyle & Sports brands, Baseline is a one stop shop for Real Estate clients for brand tie-ups, Architects tie-ups, Legal advisory services to ensure that a successful deal is concluded. Most of these licensing partnerships are till perpetuity and Baseline provides all the necessary services to ensure long lasting relationships on all fronts.

Baseline has access to the top global brands in the following sectors :

  • Lifestyle/Luxury
  • Sports
  • Celebrities ( Hollywood & Bollywood)
  • Media
  • Hotel/Service
  • Wellness/Spa